Christina Mitchell writes love stories that, style-wise, fall somewhere between the darkly humorous essays of David Sedaris and the sensitive lyricism of Metallica.

She is the Membership Director of the Capital City Writers Association and intrepid leader of her local novel critique group, Pigasus Pen, in addition to being a member of the Romance Writers of America and Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America. She lives in Michigan with her hilarious husband and his unbelievable jerk wad of a cat. She enjoys good love stories, hard rock/nu-metal music, and Netflixing bad movies and paranormal shows about people fighting the forces of darkness. Also, musicals, sushi and anything related to BATMAN

When Christina isn't watching movies about rampaging, genetically-modified sharks, you can read her brain-thoughts on Twitter and Facebook. Also, on her blog where she swears a lot, and is sort-of funny.

Oh, and if she can stop editing it, (and please say she can stop), Christina’s debut novel, How to Stay, will hit digital bookshelves in January of 2018!

How to Stay is currently a finalist in the Contemporary Romance Writers of America Stiletto Contest.