Tales from Speedway: Line cutting and Starship

In line at the Speedway. There's only one cashier, helping someone who wants the entire Speedy rewards system explained to her. A line forms behind me, so they open another register. Cashier says, "I can help whoever is next."

The dude behind me jumps out of line and races over there, leaving me stuck behind the dummy who needs a simple points system explained in painstaking detail. When finished, the line-cutter smugly traipses outside.

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The Jai Courtney Thing

I finished watching Suicide Squad again. And by "watching," I mean I mostly just fast-forwarded to all ten minutes of the Joker's screen time because I'm one of those weirdos who didn't hate Leto's performance. But I did stop to watch that amazing battle scene where Deadshot gets up on a car and just starts blasting fools in the fucking face...

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Locker Room Talk

Trigger Warning: sexual assault;unwanted touching

A 59-year-old man with a long history of sexism gets on a bus and jokes about grabbing women without consent and then dismisses it as "locker room talk," apologizing not because he understands, but only "if you're offended."

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This Post Will Give You Cooties

Hubs and I have been a couple for going-on ten years but as of today we've been married for five of them. As a romance writer, I feel I must honor this occasion with a loving missive for the guy who puts up with just... so much bullshit and loves me anyway. Though not enough to watch Gossip Girl. Some things, not even love can do.

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You know that feeling where you're in the bottom of a swimming pool and you panic a little but you know it's okay because only have to swim to the surface? There is such sweet relief as you rise until you find yourself unable to go further because you are stuck underneath someone's stupid tire raft and for a brief moment, you think, I'm going to die while my cousin farts on my head. No? Maybe that's just me. 

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Of Sea Witches and Racial Appropriation

My friends keep asking what I think about Rachel Dolezal. I know, I can feel the whoosh of wind from your eyes collectively rolling. But I do have thoughts and it’s taken me a while to do this because I wanted some time to look at the bigger picture. 

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