Perfectly Positive Monday #2

It's another marvelous Monday and it's time for some damn positivity!

While my new chapter did not magically appear like I'd hoped, I managed some spectacularly fun ways to avoid writing that accidentally resulted in productivity. How'd I do that?

  • Revised two chapters.
  • Named my character's bridal shop and made a logo for it because I'm a 12th level dork.*
  • Finished the photo collage for my novel.
  • Made individual character collages.
  • Cleaned up my OneNote notebook on my novel.
  • In OneNote made individual character bios with the collages.
  • Sussed out my characters heights, weights, birthdays and astrological signs.
  • Did some brainstorming with my friend Meika in regard to my novel's title.
  • Made a mock up of the cover of my novel.

So while not much writing happened other then the revisions, I'm happy to say I have a better handle on the characters and the story.

In things not related to my novel, I finally roped my hubs into sitting down and watching Veronica Mars. He liked it. I am prepping him for the upcoming MOVIE, Squeeeeee! Also, I've never seen season three so we are going to rent it this weekend if they have it at our local video store.

Now onto things that make me smile:

 The first time Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars kissed:

Actually anything that has to do with Logan and Veronica,especially fan videos about their relationship set to angsty music:

Actually anything Logan Echolls related (much like Veronica, this girl loves her bad boys):

What you want something not related to my never-ending love of Veronica Mars? You are no fun.

Avenged Sevenfold's new album will be available in August! And they released a single today!  Woot!

Mmmm, bad boys

What makes you joyful on this fine Monday?

*If you got the "12th level dork" reference, congrats, you love Veronica Mars and you are indeed a 12th level dork as well.