Analyzing The First Kiss


I watched that cool video/clothing ad that had pretty strangers kissing.

 I really enjoyed analyzing the body language. As a romance writer, it was a fun exercise. And as the Veronica Mars movie is tonight, I thought I'd take a moment to analyze Logan and Veronica's first kiss. Yes I know it's fiction. Yes I know this level of scrutiny is unhealthy. Hush.

Don't spoil my fun.

Over the course of the first 17 episodes you watched the gradual melting of ice between these two people who thought they hated each other. Then came a sort of truce.Then she tried to help him find his mom. Then he cried in her arms when he had to accept that his mom was dead. Then he punched a Federal Agent when he thought she was in trouble.

All of that led to THE KISS. I know I've posted this video before, but I'm a romance junkie and this is one of the best first kisses on television. I don't fully know why it was so awesome and why I feel the need to watch this scene over and over again. I think mostly what I love is their body language. 

Logan Echolls. Broken bad-boy with a heart of... well not gold, but maybe like, bronze? Aluminium? 

There are a lot of emotions packed into the roughly two minutes of screen time you see here. Very few words are spoken but much is said. Veronica's hesitance stepping from the hotel room. The complete not-okay body language she has because she's shaken up. The tiny smooch she gives him, on a whim and the look of embarrassed vulnerability on her face after she does it. But what always gets me the most is the absolutely gob-smacked look on his face. A quick peck and you could see all the Tetris pieces falling into place for him. Like life suddenly made sense. And then he swings her around and just kisses the snark right out of her. Swoooooon.

Anyhow, I'm shipping Veronica and Logan so hard. I don't care that he's a complete jackass. I love him. I love her. I need them to get together. So be prepared. Put in some ear plugs around 7pm. Because if those two kiss, I will be squee-ing so loud, you'll hear it three states over.

What's your favorite on-screen kiss? Care to analyze it as well? Leave detailed analysis in the comments :)