IWSG: Though My Characters Be Slutty, My novel Be Progressing


The last month was a challenge for me. The good kind of challenge.

My new computer arrived and it's incredible. I've named it The Beast and I'm now in a polyamorous relationship with my husband and my computer. I received a wonderful and helpful ten page manuscript review from a professional editor,  Teresa Crumpton, and then I was randomly selected to receive a twenty page manuscript critique from Kristen Lamb. Squeeee!

About chapter nine, the chapter that wouldn't end... Ordinarily my chapters are pretty short(about 2800 words), but I wrote 5,600 words and the chapter wouldn't stop. Part of the problem was tension and pacing. I'm trying to draw out the reunion of two old friends, but they are being SLUTS. They want to kiss and bone and they want to do it now.

I've pretty much been fighting them since chapter eight on this. I made it through nine and I'm still fighting them. I've finally given them an almost kiss but they wanted to go all the way with it. I'm telling you, their loins are AFLAME.

With lust. Aflame with lust. Not with a sexually transmitted diseases. Just thought I'd clarify.


In other news, I purchased two writing book and I'm really enjoying them both. Scene and Structure by Jack Bickham and Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World by Kristen Lamb.

So yeah, I'm feeling really good about my writing life. Fingers crossed that I finish this novel by the end of July.