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It's the Cooper Curse. I tried to warn you. Men will always love your body, but they'll never love you.

That's what her mother told her, after Shannon Cooper got knocked up at sixteen. So, picking up all the fragments of her heart, she slid on some baggy clothes to hide her buxom body, and dedicated the next eighteen years of her life to her daughter, her job at the diner, and to upgrading her tarnished reputation from gold-digging trailer trash to respectable trailer trash. But things have hit a snag. Her rotten kid is refusing to go to college, her best friend’s wedding is turning into a nightmare, and her daughter’s jerk of an absent father just breezed back into town. Shannon needs a lot of things. A massage. A new roof. A bridesmaid dress that fits her boobs. But, she doesn’t need any new complications. Especially not in the form of her best friend’s charming brother, flush in the middle of a mid-life crisis, and looking at her like she’s a meal he wants to devour.

You never disappoint me, Liam. I’m so glad I succeeded with one of my sons.

Financial guru and NY Times bestseller, Liam Ross, has it all. Money. Relative fame. The adoration of his toxic mother. But none of that matters as much to him as his little brother. All he’s ever wanted was to bridge the distance between them, and his brother’s wedding is the perfect opportunity to make that happen.  But things aren’t going the way he’d hoped. The rock and roll bride is driving their mother over the edge, and he’s been replaced as the best man by his brother’s best friend, a snarky, pixie-sprite of a waitress in train-conductor overalls. Falling in love with his brother's best friend, would put the final nail in the coffin of their relationship. So maybe he can have a fling with her, but that's all it can be. No matter how sharp-witted, and fun, and wonderful Shannon might be. No matter how she fills up a space inside of him, he hadn’t even known was there.

As the sun goes down, the whisky flows, and a game of Truth or Dare will change their lives. Whether it’s for the better or not, is up for debate.