coming april 2018!


Contemporary Romance Writers Stiletto Contest finalist!

Adelia Winters, the baddest bitch in rock, is running again. This time, it's back to Cherry Lake, the small town she ran from fourteen years ago. All she wants is to bury the last of her unhappy past and to hide out from the press until her latest career fuck-up blows over. What she doesn't want is to face the best friend she abandoned when she left.

Perfection. That’s what Photographer Conor Ross can give a woman. For one night, anyway. And as long as the lights are off. Anything more is just asking for disappointment. Fourteen years—and one-hundred and thirty pounds ago—he’d wanted more, but that was before Adelia snatched his heart out of his chest and took it with her on her way out of town.

When a destructive storm drives them together, Adelia and Conor are forced to confront their past, and her secrets. As Adelia's walls crumble, falling like the notes of a melancholy song, their rediscovered friendship turns into something more passionate, more beautiful than either of them could ever admit to wanting. Or needing.

Suddenly, the man who only does one night wants more than Adelia can give—again. But nothing has changed. Even if she could have it—even if she deserved it—Adelia doesn’t know how to do forever. And, no matter how much her heart longs for it, she definitely doesn’t know how to stay.  

Teaser coming soon!